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Welcome to what I do here...

At MylestoGo Speaking and Consulting I'm elevating the conversation around trauma, trauma-informed practices, and post-traumatic growth, helping individuals, organizations, and communities transition from 'survivorship to thrivorship.' I am committed to providing the tools that turn trauma into transformation through education, advocacy, and resources that inform and empower all people to overcome the challenges of trauma and discover their full potential for growth and resilience. Through these efforts, I strive to create a world where trauma is understood, acknowledged, and met with compassion, and where individuals can thrive in the aftermath of adversity.

Meet Nichole Myles, M.A.

Leader, Speaker, Creator, Solo Mom, DV Survivor, and Idea Igniter - but not done yet. 

So many things have made us who we are - and embracing it all - even the hard stuff - is the key. This is how we get up, how we carry on, and how we keep fighting, growing, and learning. Instead of stopping where you are, I equip you, your organization, or group with the tools for the journey because I know we all have MylesToGo. Not sure how to get started?

You've come to the right place!


The Blue Giraffe Blog

Let's get real about resilience, post-traumatic growth, being trauma-informed, re-invention of self, and the ways we can engage in self-care that are good for us. Stumbling, falling, and swearing are all part of the journey -but wherever we're headed we just have to keep going.

See Nichole speak

Speaking Topics

  • Thrivorship not Survivorship! What survivors need to move from 'getting by' to living again.

  • The Words We Live: How to assign powerful meaning to words designed to dis-empower.

  • The 3 P's of Trauma-Responsive Organizations: People, Policy, and Place

  • Your Trauma isn't Funny (but mine is): Laughter and Joy after Trauma

  • Resilience is not Enough: Why we need Post-Traumatic Growth to Recover

  • Custom topics and proposals available.

  • Workshop facilitation available.

  • 1:1 Coaching available.

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Custom Proposals Available

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