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Ever wonder where you're going? Ever get so far away from who you thought you would be that you see yourself as a stranger? Ever get so stuck you can’t see any direction to move? Ever wonder, what comes next? 

I know I have. 

Punctuated by some of my life's most tragic moments, and running from a violent partner, I found myself at the low point of living between shelters and my van with an infant. It was impossible not to ask, 'How did we get here?' It was easy to be angry, bitter, and want to quit.

But the important question wasn't 'how', the important question was, 'Now what?' Focusing on that allowed me to not only survive, but thrive.

Now, I share my personal insights and my knowledge through Radical Wellness, post-traumatic growth, resilience and more in my 1:1 coaching programs: helping others focus on how to rebuild, redefine, and redirect being lost into being resilient, tenacious, and emerging better than they ever thought possible. 

"Nichole’s coaching program allowed me to transform my relationship with trauma. She provided the safety, structure, trust and compassion to help me feel safe to finally enter a very early trauma landscape and transform the story so I could become agent to my response to trauma."

Individual Programs

My 1:1 programs offer comprehensive frameworks, customized for your goals and tailored to to your unique needs.

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The Radically Well Academy

Opening June/July 2024, the Radically Well Academy will offer self-paced, low-cost, and accessible online mini-courses on topics such as self-compassion, self-care, expressive arts for healing, and much more.


My signature full-service 1:1 coaching program takes you through an 8-session exploration of customized growth and empowerment exercises that will encourage new perspectives and healing.

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Bespoke Leadership Coaching

Offered as a package of 3 or 6 sessions, this program includes a free assessment of leadership style and current needs. Customized sessions encourage skill-building, introspection, and support. Additional sessions available as add-on.

Bonsai Plant Flowers

This 4-session program has a focus on one or two topics under the Radical Wellness umbrella of services. Choose from self-compassion, self-care, resilience, or expressive arts,

My 1:1 programs help you:

  • Develop your personal self-care and resilience toolkit.

  • Discover your own agency and a new understanding of the setbacks in your life.

  • Uncover your personal strengths and use them as a springboard for creating your next, amazing chapter!

  • Navigated your leaderships challenges and turn them into your leadership potential.

Are you ready for the journey?

It didn’t happen overnight. For several years after escaping my abusive marriage, I was angry, exhausted, and stuck. On the rare occasions when I would tell my personal story of domestic violence, I’d frequently get responses like, ‘You are so lucky to be here. ‘Everything happens for a reason.’, and ‘But that’s over now, and it’s time to move on.’ These platitudes didn’t just minimize my trauma, they created a narrative where I believed my feelings were illegitimate. I began to believe I was looking at my life ‘wrong’. I didn’t realize I was caught in a resiliency circle, falling down and getting up over and over without moving forward. I had internalized a narrative that the mere fact of my survival was all I could ever hope for – and all I ever deserved. Even as I rebuilt my life, becoming a leader in my field and raising my family on my own, I continued to struggle with understanding, growth, and the value I offered in my personal and professional life.

Until I discovered post-traumatic growth work and learned that I didn’t need to settle. I didn’t need to minimize or ‘forget’ my trauma either. I learned how to retell my story without the shame and how to cast myself as the hero, not the victim. I learned important lessons about myself and my own strengths and eventually used them to transform my view of my life, my leadership, and what I could offer to the world. I came to understand that survival wasn’t the end of my journey: it was the very beginning. And now, whether in my Radically Well online community, in my 8-week Resilience and Growth Coaching program, or through Bespoke Leadership Coaching, I'm here to teach you how to do it, too.

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"I have learned exactly what I was hoping to finally be able to see, through weekly interactive listening and dialogue, guided journaling, curated audio and visual resources based on insights she gleans from weekly unpacking.

Nichole is an expert because she has studied, trained and has combined bodies of knowledge. She is experienced because she has walked her own journey with conscious trauma and offers space for others to do the same."


Name what you lost (yes! no matter what you’ve been told, it’s ok to acknowledge and grieve our losses, even if the life you have now is better!)

Name what you gained.

Name what you gleaned. 

You have deep knowledge about yourself in the world and you’ll get to step into your own unique power.  


Claim your tools. Build your own unique resilience and self-care toolkits.

Claim your strengths. Uncover the amazing attributes that not only helped you survive but are there ready to show you how to thrive.

Claim your story. No shame. No silence. Just you - in power.


You are not the victim. Not even just the survivor. You are the warrior - you are the hero.

Refame your story with your new-found strengths, tools, and knowledge. Together, we'll honor the losses while narrating a future steeped in thriving on your own terms.  

Micro-Coaching Program

Bonsai Plant Flowers

This 1:1, 4-session micro-coaching program is designed to help you cultivate your individual radical wellness, uncover new skills, and learn to apply them to navigate your personal and professional success. Through Zoom (or in-person if you are local), we will work together on your choice of self-care, self-compassion, resilience, or expressive/healing arts techniques. This program is a good fit for you if you are working on cultivating your skills and looking to experience personal growth or feel you need a 'tune-up' in your self-management and wellness. I'll work with you to create a customized framework for your selected skills and show you how to apply them.

Special Offer: $999
(payment plans available)


My name is Alexa Young

Talking about Trauma-Informed practices is hard and sometimes uncomfortable - especially in a group setting. Radically Well breaks down that barrier by focusing on technique, tools, and approaches that support TIP 'results not reasons'. Cultivating a culture that is informed and empowered ad creating a positive environment that leads to productivity, stability, and supports creativity.

Are you ready to be Radically Well?

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The Radically Well Academy

Resilience and Growth Coaching Program

In this full-service program I serve as your expert companion guiding you through researched methods on rebuilding and reinventing the best you. You may be a good fit if you meet the following criteria:

• have already acknowledged and recognized your setbacks but are unsure how to move forward from them.

• are motivated to be honest with yourself and to do the work needed to move to the next level.

• are interested in cultivating your strengths and looking at yourself and your life in new ways.

My clients experience significant growth and awareness, learning to use their setbacks as opportunities for transformation. However, not everyone is ready for this type of work. My program won’t be a fit for if you are looking for:

• a replacement for therapy. While I am trained in mental health counseling, this program is not therapy. Our work can be cathartic, but the goal of this program is future-focused and not on past trauma.

• tools to help you stay in the same place or get back to what ‘you had’. If you are not ready for a new chapter, this is not for you.

• an intervention program. Coaching clients must come of their own willingness and independently.

This 1:1, 8-session program is designed to help you identify your own personal strengths and skills and use them to create direction in your life. Through zoom (or in-person if you are local), we will work together to identify your strengths, cultivate your resilience, and use that foundation to move forward into a post-traumatic growth plan. This program may be for you if you have experienced a significant setback or trauma (recently or in the past) and are feeling stuck. I work with you to create a customized framework for your own growth, whether personal, professional, or both.

Your investment: $2600
(payment plans available)

We can survive our traumas. If you are still reading, you already have. You’re a warrior. You’re a survivor. But are you thriving? Is your world the big, audacious, on-your-terms life you used to dream of? Do you have agency over your trauma – or does it have agency over you? Without the tools, the next trauma threatens to push us further back – further away from where we can go. You are already a survivor – you absolutely deserve to be a thriver!

Wild Flowers

"Nichole’s coaching program allowed me to transform my relationship with trauma. She provided the safety, structure, trust and compassion to help me feel safe to finally enter a very early trauma landscape and transform the story so I could become agent to my response to trauma. I knew Nichole had reinvented herself, stronger, wiser, with laser sharp focus on who she is and who she isn’t anymore.  Her authenticity differentiates her approach."

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