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Are you ready to be
Radically Well?

Being Radically Well is the Art and Science of being okay even when the things around us are not. And the good news is you can learn to cultivate skills and access tools to help you in this journey!

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"The real competitive advantage is only one word, which is people." - Kamil Toume

Introducing The Radically Well Academy - an engaging online, private community with self-paced tools and frameworks to guide you to 'Radical Wellness!'

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Think Different
Get Informed
Empower Growth

Come to the RWA and discover authentic, accessible methods for self-care, healthy resilience tools, expressive arts activities for healing and connection, and self-paced coursework in empowerment and growth.

In the Radically Well Academy...

we believe that every individual has deep value and inner wisdom and the tools and frameworks provided are vehicles to unlock that wisdom, cultivating growth, empowerment, and authentic wellness.

we are committed to inclusion -  welcoming diverse experiences, identities and perspectives.  We believe that plurality in all forms leads to greater knowledge for ourselves and our world.

we are willing to take risks, think out-of-the-box, and share our collective wisdom. We commit to experience over perfection, and transparency over refinement. We are on this radical new journey together!

This is the program for you if you are ready to break out of the struggle for wellness based on external factors and cultivate your own inner wisdom, unique tools, and healing pathways that will lead you to be okay, even when the things around you aren't!

This is ME!

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Let me customize a 'Radically Well' program for you!

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