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Meet Nichole

Leader, Speaker, Creator, DV Survivor, and Idea Igniter - but not done yet. 

The important moments are the ones between our successes. It's there we can grow, change, and adapt.

Nichole Myles

Ever wonder where you're going? Ever get so far away from who you thought you would be that you see yourself as a stranger? Ever wonder, what comes next? 

I know I have.


Punctuated by some of my life's most tragic moments, I found myself in 6 states, moving at least 14 times with 3 kids in tow. At the low point of living between shelters in my van with an infant, it was impossible not to ask, 'How did we get here?' It was easy to be angry, bitter, and want to quit.

But the important question wasn't 'how', the important question was, 'Now what?' Focusing on that allowed me to not only survive, but thrive.

In my speaking, coaching, and blog, I focus on how we rebuild, redefine, and redirect being lost into being resilient, tenacious, and emerging better than we ever thought possible. 

Supporting my personal experiences, I have an M.A. in i/o Psychology with a Coaching and Consulting concentration, am certified in Trauma and Resilience, as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and nonprofit management. I work with individuals, groups, educators, and companies on how to translate setbacks to growth.


I still have Myles to Go. But one thing I'm sure of, there is opportunity in that which threatens to break us: we just have to find it.

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