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Group Facilitation & Consulting

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Ready to grow your team? Help them recover from a big setback? Maybe just learn how to work together in the office (or out of it!) again? 

My group facilitation and consulting services will help center your team with helpful and practical trauma-informed practices and knowledge - and a little fun, too!

Not an employer? I facilitate for all kinds of groups, providing skills and tools for resilience, strength-finding, post-traumatic growth, and more!

   "One of my favorite sessions this conference. Thank you for sharing your story and practical advice for advocates."

-CCAW attendee

Are you ready for the journey?

It didn’t happen overnight. Working through dozens of processes and looking for lasting solutions was both a personal and professional mission for me for many years. After escaping my violent marriage, I was angry, exhausted, and stuck. Even as I climbed a (new) professional ladder rapidly and with great success, I knew there was more I needed - and more the people around me needed as well.

I heard and overheard phrases like, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’, and ‘But that’s over now, and it’s time to move on.’ in so many settings. These platitudes don't just minimize trauma, they create a narrative where feelings are made illegitimate, where resentment and confusion grows, and where resiliency circles, (falling down and getting up over and over without moving forward) thrive. People and organizations get stuck. 

When I discovered post-traumatic growth work, its relationship to resiliency, and learned that no one needs to settle, everything changed. I didn’t need to minimize or ‘forget’ my trauma, but instead how to actually leverage it as an opportunity for fostering greater strength. I learned to retell my story without the shame and how to cast myself as the hero, not the victim. I came to understand that survival wasn’t the end of my journey: it was the very beginning. I also learned how powerful of a transformation organizations can make by using this same approach to their group. Incorporating resiliency, post-traumatic growth, and trauma-informed practices, I'm here to teach you how to do it, too.

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Offered as a workshop or breakout session, small group sessions are offered to allow for a more intimate sharing of ideas, tools, potential approaches and solutions. Available as short (1-hr) sessions and up to 6-hr workshops (day-long) workshops.


Deep dive into your organization's needs and goals. This customized consultation includes pre-session work, mutually agreed upon outcomes and workshop facilitation from 1-3 days in length depending on need.


20 - 60 minutes from the mainstage to kick off your event or conference, bring it to a close, or run an engaging plenary as the mid-point. The choice is yours! I'll listen to your needs and create a custom, memorable message.

  • The 2-Hour Tooklit Series: (available as a single topic or build several 2-hour toolkits into a longer workshop)

    • Resiliency Toolkit

    • Learning the Language (Trauma-informed) Toolkit

    • Authentically, Unapologetically You (Strength words) Toolkit

    • The Stories we Tell (retelling Traumatic events) Toolkit

  • Thrivorship not Survivorship! What survivors need to move from 'getting by' to living again.

  • The Words We Live: How Trauma-informed language and practices can change everything for survivors.

  • The 3 P's of Trauma-Responsive Organizations: People, Policy, and Place

  • Resilience is not Enough: Diving into Post-Traumatic Growth as an Organization

  • Need something else? Custom workshops are available - contact me with your requests.

Can I deliver your ideal Workshop?
The workshop everyone will be talking about is waiting for you!

Yes! I'm happy to connect virtually to facilitate your group.


Thinking about booking me, but still have more questions? Reach out and learn how I can help you create your ideal professional development opportunity or individual workshop. 76% of Americans report being affected by a trauma either in their personal or professional life, which means you are encountering people who have experienced trauma and are affected by it, on a daily basis. With that in mind, I'll craft a workshop that is important, poignant, and leaves your attendees understanding that powerful positivity and growth is just beneath the surface of some of the toughest things they've experienced. Whether your audience is professionals from the corporate landscape, individuals seeking empowerment, not-for-profit leaders and volunteers, or something else, we can unite on this topic and find hope in the other side.

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