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"There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." penned Leonard Cohen. When keynote speaking for your event, I'll find those brilliant cracks of light that will keep your audience engaged, intrigued, and ready for 'what's next'. Using my unique combination of knowledge and practice combined with compelling, personal storytelling, I'll do much more than just teach your audience, I'll take them on a journey through new perspectives and experiences that will empower them to look beyond what they see. If you are interested in creating 'moments' for your audience, ready to bring the 'aha's', and even smiles and laughter (because we can - and SHOULD - have joy even when talking about the hard things), I'm the speaker you should be connected to. Whether your group is 50, 500, or 5000, I'm happy to take the stage and provide you with a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience that will leave your audience chatting about your event for weeks and months to come.

"Nichole was wonderful! She approached sensitive topics with grace and discretion, avoiding trauma dumping and cold, detached objectivity, and instead sharing a grace-filled outlook filled with both vulnerability and hope that was accessible to and resonated with a broad audience."


20 - 90 minutes from the mainstage to kick off your event or conference, bring it to a close, or run an engaging plenary as the mid-point. The choice is yours! I'll listen to your needs and create a custom, memorable message.


I will join your panel discussion with other thought leaders creating a collaborative exchange of ideas, opinions, identification of the current limitations, and hope and solutions for the future we need and deserve.


Offered as a workshop or breakout session, small group sessions are offered to allow for a more intimate sharing of ideas, tools, potential approaches and solutions.

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I can deliver your ideal Keynote!
The talk your attendees will keep talking about is waiting for you!

  • Thrivorship not Survivorship! What survivors need to move from 'getting by' to living again.

  • The Words We Live: How to assign powerful meaning to words designed to dis-empower.

  • Ruin to Reinvention: The personal come-back story of a domestic violence survivor.

  • The 3 P's of Trauma-Responsive Organizations: People, Policy, and Place

  • Your Trauma isn't Funny (but mine is): Laughter and Joy after Trauma

  • Resilience is not Enough: Why we need Post-Traumatic Growth to Recover

  • Yes, Arts matter. Using Expressive Arts to Connect to Ourselves and Each Other

  • Need something else? Custom keynotes are available - contact me with your requests.

See Nichole speak!
(from TEDx  White Point Gardens Women)

Are you ready for the journey?

It didn’t happen overnight. For several years after escaping my violent marriage, I was angry, exhausted, and stuck. On the rare occasions when I would tell my personal story of domestic violence, I’d frequently get responses like, ‘You are so lucky to be here. ‘Everything happens for a reason.’, and ‘But that’s over now, and it’s time to move on.’ These platitudes didn’t just minimize my trauma, they created a narrative where I believed my feelings were illegitimate. I began to believe I was looking at my life ‘wrong’. I didn’t realize I was caught in a resiliency circle, falling down and getting up over and over without moving forward. I had internalized a narrative that the mere fact of my survival was all I could ever hope for – and all I ever deserved.

Until I discovered post-traumatic growth work and learned that I didn’t need to settle. I didn’t need to minimize or ‘forget’ my trauma either. I learned to retell my story without the shame and how to cast myself as the hero, not the victim. I learned important lessons about myself and my own strengths and eventually used them to transform my life. I came to understand that survival wasn’t the end of my journey: it was the very beginning. And now I'm here to teach your audience how to do it, too.

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"A captivating presenter, Nichole engages and inspires her audiences to not only accept themselves, but offers a powerful message on coming through the other side."

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