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Are you ready to be
Radically Well?

Talking about Trauma-Informed practices is hard and sometimes uncomfortable - especially in a group setting. Radically Well breaks down that barrier by focusing on technique, tools, and approaches that support TIP 'results not reasons'. Cultivating a culture that is informed and empowered ad creating a positive environment that leads to productivity, stability, and supports creativity.

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"The real competitive advantage is only one word, which is people." - Kamil Toume

Workshops, Training Opportunities, and Consulting Services for your organization or business - all with the goal of making your workplace, school, or community "Radically Well".

Business People Having Fun
Think Different
Get Informed
Empower Growth

Radically Well leaders know we need new solutions to creating workplace culture where organizations and the individuals who power them BOTH thrive.

Radically Well leaders...

believe that people are central to their success as an organization, business, or community group AND that every individual has a right to contribute fully to the best of their ability.

are committed to welcoming diverse experiences and perspectives AND are willing to create environments that empower those who have them to share safely.

are willing to take risks that benefit their teams, employees, or community members by thinking out-of-the-box AND by  listening and responding  to those they lead.

Radically Well leaders are committed to safety, transparency & trust, collaboration & mutuality, peer support, empowerment & choice, and embracing cultural, historical, racial, sexual, and gender-based perspecitives.

This is ME!

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Let me customize a 'Radically Well' program for you!

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